College and Career Mentor Series

The College and Career Mentor Series is a program that was developed for our students to enhance their ability to begin to think about their career goals and focus on the educational steps required to attain those careers.

As a  learning community, we provide opportunities for ALL students to see themselves on a college campus someday. We want our students to have the same opportunities for professional careers that most suburban students enjoy. While college isn’t for everyone or for every career, we believe all students should see the college as a possibility and never as a closed door.

Our goal is to have students discuss the careers the career of each presenter and the educational steps needed to reach that career. The questions range from “What do you do in your job daily?” to “How many years of education is required to reach your current job?”. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the careers they may have interest in and also get a chance to establish a relationship with the presenters.

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