Annual Fund

Every year, the students of SHCPS’s Junior Academy are invited to participate in life changing field trips to fantastic locations such as Nature’s Classroom at the Sargent Center and Cape Cod Sea Camps. However, these experiences are often an expense that our parents have difficulty affording. While many students and families work hard to fund raise to cover these costs, for some it is just not possible.

This is where the LFF steps in. By donating to our Annual Fund, YOU are allowing students from struggling families the opportunity to join their classmates for an unforgettable learning experience.

In 6th grade while everyone was away at the Sargent Center, classes were quiet and empty so there was already that constant reminder that everyone else was gone and you couldn’t go. Yet, it was worse to see everyone talking about it when they got back. They were talking about the zip lines, good food, the hikes and activities. While I kept a smile, it made me feel left out.

School trips like these are extremely important and can really make a student’s year, but kids like me who can’t afford it will be left out. It is so important to find more funding so that kids like me will be included!

-Shirley P, SHCPS Class of 2018

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